Thursday, 10 November 2011

11.11.11 - still being yourself or what?

Dear notebook,
everyone seems to be busy with today date, so do i. Just wish to do something that is worth it with the beautiful date to be remember and make it memorable. What do you think? Got any crazy idea?

Being yourself is the most important thing. You might did something that crazy and make other people remember you because of your uniqueness. But, sometimes, do you realize that, you are like too much putting the standard of yourself in other people hands and need to concern of what other people might think. Are you satisfied enough with that?

It's just that you are being or doing something with or w/o you wanted. It's not your passion, you didn't felt satisfied with yourself because you just too much care of what other people think.

The best part in you life is when you just did what you think you suppose to do. You felt happy with it, you feel full of satisfaction, although other people think, it's nothing much to be proud, but do you think they can do more than you do? Heaven not. be proud of yourself, and do something meaningful and something that you have keep deep inside your heart but never let it go. It will be nice. (:

Even animal feel satisfied when they did something by there own... Salam...


  1. salam kenal, Asy Faro.
    setiap kali menulis entry d blog, aku target nak menceriakan dan mencuit hati sesiapa saja yang membaca. jadi nak ajak usha blog aku untuk mengetahui kritikan dan pendapat kau.
    senang2 nanti usha lah =) be my follower is an extra bonus for me (if n only if u find my blog interesting) =D

  2. hello asy faro (:
    done following you, and i already read few entry of yours, kelakar! haha, nice job asy (:
    keep it up, and tolong juga beri pendapat tentang blog saya, tinggalkan di shoutbox, thanks (: