Thursday, 10 November 2011

In 100 year, you can only face the day at once.

Dear notebook,
today is the second day i used you to lend up my feeling and share my joy and tears. In fact, yesterday is a good day, for the first time i've joint the group page of blogger. They are friendly, on of them are Khairil Adri Abdul Razak. Thanks for the first advice from you Han kei. 

The date of today make lot of people talk about it like non-stop, "11.11.11" nice is it? it's such a cool date and memorable date that make all the people in this world wanna do something different and make the date as the day they can remember in their entire life.

But instead of 11.11.11, did you ever realize that actually everyday or ever single date that we have been going thru are the date that we also will ever not be face in the upcoming of 100 years? For example to make it clear, 2.1.11 = 2.1.2011, this date will come in the next 100 year, which is, 2.1.11 = 2.1.2111. 

Every single day is a different day, we might not live for the next 100 year to face the date right now. Try to make every single day of yours is meaningful and and the day that you will ever not be regret. Always remember that their are people outside there that suffer and hope to be free and having just a smile at their face, you should be lucky with your life now. Salam. (:


  1. absolutely correct!

    people keep highlighting 11.11.11 but yesterday will never came back too.

    its better to know the meaning of everyday rather than admiring a day only!


  2. yes alip apai, so cherish every single moment in your life (: