Saturday, 12 November 2011

Malaysian People suck !!!

Dear notebook,
today is the third day of my blogging life. Do you know what i feel? Extremely happy, you know why? It just that, i don't feel lonely anymore. Make new friends in blog life, such a fun thing. Change and idea, knowledge and everything. Before this, my life just like a normal bored day. Nothing much to do. Having fun in wrong way. Just which that i will be in a right path that will bring me the feel of happiness till my last breath. Amin.

Today is just another annoying day with Malaysian citizen. I just wanna ask, how many of you guys still use Public Phone when emergency? In certain cases like when your cellphone running out of battery, then you need to make an important call, so you need to rush searching for near public phone, and at the end, the public phone doesn't working. Its broke. How do you felt? Pisses off right?

I just don't have any idea of how do the people used the public phone till the phone can't be use. Vandalism is the right word to be used. Why people in Malaysia do the such thing? Can anybody explain?

Plus, if you are in that situation, and the public phone doesn't working, do you ever think that you will ask for the people that just pass by there, and ask for their cellphone? Do you think that day will allowed you?

Today, when i sitting at the bus-stand while waiting my friend to pick me up. There is an old men came to me and ask whether i'm having a cellphone or not. And i sad "Not" , he replied "It's ok". But i just felt bad, because he seems to be like needed a help. I ask him " Are you waiting for someone to fetch you here? " he replied, " yea, my wife said so, but till now she didn't show up, i wanna make a call, but, the public phone there can't be used", I just felt sorry... ):

That is the second case. Lots of criminal thing happen in Malaysia, robbery, murdered and many more. If you ask for random people help, to use their phone, nobody will allowed it. They are not sting or being a jerk, is just that, they trying to protect themself, its because, there are so many cases happened in different way. 

So, to whom we should point our finger? Other people? The government that neglect vandalism activity? You should ask yourself. Used something like human, not like animal. Remind each other (: Salam....


  1. Agree. ^^ Btw, welcome to the blogging world. :)

  2. hi Farah, thanks (:
    Do give me some advice tho...xoxo