Thursday, 10 November 2011

Quran vs Satanic

Dear notebook,
11.11.11 nice to see and nice to pronouns the date. But, in this beautiful date, there is something that bothering me when i had read one article about this date.

Dalam kitab satanic the holy is satan. Yg Mr St Wingston Father Satan bagi tahu yang 11.11.11 hari kebangkitan anak setan dan dajjal yang akan memerintah dunia. Dan org akan memuja2 pada hari keramat yg bratus tahun Wiliam satan tunggu-tunggukan. Sebenarnye orang tak akan tahu apakah makna tarik tersebut malah pada hari Jumaat datangnya kami untuk menyesat semua agama Islam, Kristian dan Buddha. Dan di mana nanti Yahudi dan kami akan gembira kerana kebodohan manusia yang ada agama tapi tidak guna dengan betul. Sesungguhnya father of god satan akan terus menyesat ank2 adam, St Mary and Crist Jesus. Maka kiamat akan muncul pada hari Jumaat dan tarikh ini bermakna untuk kami. Semperna keturunan kami 6.6.6 9.9.9 dan 11.11.11. Allahualam. "
The people that post this article is in a group of muslim people. Its not that i'm being annoying by saying something bad about them, its just that, we muslim already learn from the Quran that something will be happen before the doomsday but no one will know when it's happening. We as a muslim people just need to pray for ourself, family, friends and also for all the muslim people, because, we as a muslim, we are a big family.  

In the article already wrote that it's from "satanic the holy is satan", so why should us as a muslim need to be bother. As a people that have a good knowledge about islam, they might not be influenced, but for those people that lake on it, it will be worse.

I'm not good enough to post and manipulate that article and say all this thing because i'm just a women that need a guide to lead me too the right path. Salam... (:

11.11.11 - still being yourself or what?

Dear notebook,
everyone seems to be busy with today date, so do i. Just wish to do something that is worth it with the beautiful date to be remember and make it memorable. What do you think? Got any crazy idea?

Being yourself is the most important thing. You might did something that crazy and make other people remember you because of your uniqueness. But, sometimes, do you realize that, you are like too much putting the standard of yourself in other people hands and need to concern of what other people might think. Are you satisfied enough with that?

It's just that you are being or doing something with or w/o you wanted. It's not your passion, you didn't felt satisfied with yourself because you just too much care of what other people think.

The best part in you life is when you just did what you think you suppose to do. You felt happy with it, you feel full of satisfaction, although other people think, it's nothing much to be proud, but do you think they can do more than you do? Heaven not. be proud of yourself, and do something meaningful and something that you have keep deep inside your heart but never let it go. It will be nice. (:

Even animal feel satisfied when they did something by there own... Salam...

In 100 year, you can only face the day at once.

Dear notebook,
today is the second day i used you to lend up my feeling and share my joy and tears. In fact, yesterday is a good day, for the first time i've joint the group page of blogger. They are friendly, on of them are Khairil Adri Abdul Razak. Thanks for the first advice from you Han kei. 

The date of today make lot of people talk about it like non-stop, "11.11.11" nice is it? it's such a cool date and memorable date that make all the people in this world wanna do something different and make the date as the day they can remember in their entire life.

But instead of 11.11.11, did you ever realize that actually everyday or ever single date that we have been going thru are the date that we also will ever not be face in the upcoming of 100 years? For example to make it clear, 2.1.11 = 2.1.2011, this date will come in the next 100 year, which is, 2.1.11 = 2.1.2111. 

Every single day is a different day, we might not live for the next 100 year to face the date right now. Try to make every single day of yours is meaningful and and the day that you will ever not be regret. Always remember that their are people outside there that suffer and hope to be free and having just a smile at their face, you should be lucky with your life now. Salam. (:


Dear notebook,
today is the first time ever, i publish all the story that happen in my life, the surrounding, people, and everything.

Mom always said that, we need to keep our story safe by our own, but now, i just being too tired of keeping it all by myself. Its not that i want to let my life at set it as semiprivate, is just that, we need to share something with other people instead of keep it all alone and make a wrong decision. What do you think?

I live in a broken family, and the worse part is, i don't have anybody. Can u imaging? Sometimes i just felt envy to those people that having a great and happy family, and most of them didn't appreciate it at all. What do they think? They got everything, the happiness of having someone in a some blood, same last name, and living in a joy, although sometimes it might be the hardest time when having a conflict in between, but, that is people, no one can live without getting any feeling of sadness, madness. 

Family is always be family. You might be hate your sisters or your brothers because they got more, they achieve more, but, the good part is, when you having problem, family always come first. Have you think about the person that live all alone in the huge world and not having anyone? 

Its hard when you have everything in front of you before, but it's all gone now. Just like a long nightmare which you can't even get up even-thought how hard you pinch up your cheeks. 

No more love, no more laugh, no more smile, just have a tears that already dry. 

Love your family, and appreciate them, i wish i'm in your place. (':