Thursday, 1 December 2011

Tribute to Rara Zikry

Dear notebook,
last night before i'm going to sleep, something had pop-up into my news feed. My friend status " Al-fatihah Rara Zikry, cantik orangnya"... and i was like wondering, who is Rara Zikry, she must be public figure or something, so, googling, yayyy ! and i found out something, and the thing is, i realize something about myself...what the hell is happening, am i not watching for news or reading newspaper...

Rara Zikry or the real name is Zarith Nadhira Binti Mohamad Zikri , student in Limkokwing. She suffering the Hypoxic Ischeamic Encephalopath diseases. Its actually the brain injury cause from the lake of oksigen that the body can absorb. 

I just don't know much about her, so don't wanna say anything that might be speculate by the third parties. Everyone have their own life, so we just nobody to pointing our finger. Rara zikry is such a beautiful person as i'm googling the picture of her. (:

Such a sweet face of her, Adore you Rara Zikry. May you rest in peace. We just human, theres lot of rumors that people create, it might be of jealousy and many more. For god sake, the person that can't even seen the happiness of someone else, just go out there and get our own life instead of busying creating stupidos story that can make you look like a dumb. Everyone has their own life, so do you. Al-fatihah. 

Lots of love,